Halloween jelly oranges



I’m adding this simple recipe/idea to my Ode to Oranges as these little Halloween jelly oranges were such a hit with all our little visitors this year. These are similar to the jelly boats that I use for kiddie parties.Jolly Jelly Boats


  • 10 fresh oranges 
  • 2 packets red or green jelly powder


1. Prepare the jelly as per the packet instructions using slightly less water for a firmer setting. Allow the mixture to cool for about one hour.

2. Cut the top of the oranges horizontally and set aside. Scoop out the flesh without puncturing the skin.

3. Pour the cooled jelly into the orange moulds and allow to set in the fridge for about 4 hours. Keep topping them up if necessary.

4. You can either cut out the “Halloween pumpkin” eyes and mouth or draw them on with a black marker.

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