My Ode to Oranges

So begins my Ode to Oranges, giving thanks for this wonderful life, permeated with love and joy and the subtle scent of oranges.

The Poinsettia Cocktail

This fizzy and festive cocktail is infused with heady Cointreau backed with freshly squeezed orange juice and cranberry and topped with the fizz of Prosecco.

Caramelised oranges & festive ideas

I love keeping Caramelised sliced oranges and rind wrapped in baking paper ready  to decorate a dish or tart or DIY projects.  Ingredients  2 firm oranges, thinly sliced 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 1/4 cup  orange  juice, freshly squeezed 2 Tbsp sugar for sprinkling  Method  1. Slice the oranges thinly, removing any pips. 2. Mix…

Festive Orange & Fruit Mince Pies

This recipe uses a rich, light shortcrust pastry, with the tangy, festive twist of fresh orange zest. I recently created a Zoom lesson demonstrating how to make these delicious star-studded tartlets, for my three lovely children and their families in Knysna, Sydney and London respectively and this was great fun.  Ingredients (Makes 24 small mince…

Everything Marmalade: A Poem

Everything Marmalade L Hutchison (July 2020)   Marmalade sunrise full of ancient promise; Marmalade sky over wintry brown field. Marmalade oranges strain the gnarled branches; Marmalade baskets with their golden yield.   Oranges patiently squeezed, rinded and chopped; Marmalade jars waiting for more. Marmalade stirred in vast copper pots; Marmalade smudges wiped off the floor.  …