Orange Wine



This is an authentic family recipe shared by her niece, Moira Paterson, from our Aunty Holly Kethro.

It is amazingly simple and the fermented orange wine is very delicious. It takes only sixteen days until ready to taste.


  •  1 dozen oranges
  • 8 litres water
  • 250 g seedless raisins
  • 2 kg white sugar


 1. Peel ½ dozen of the oranges and put the skins in the oven to brown.

2. Pour 1 quart/2 litres of boiling water over them.

3. Cut up the other half and pour three quarts/6 litres of water on them.

4. When the first liquid is cold, mix both together, add the raisins and stir every day for eight days.

5. Then strain off and add four pounds/2 kg of white sugar and stir every day for another eight days.

6. Strain off again and bottle.

Aunty Holly says:

“This wine is delicious. From my old friend, Mrs Jackson, E.L.”



 Our very own Broadacres Orange Wine, June 2020









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