I think that this recipe for “cointreau” tastes even better than the commercial brand. It is wonderful served chilled as a shooter, or as an after dinner liqueur. It can also be used as a luxurious sauce over ice-cream or in a velvety chocolate mousse.


  • 2 large 2-litre jars with tops that can seal well
  • Netting used for oranges/vegetables
  • 2 litres of vodka (any inexpensive brand will do)
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 2 ‘Broadacres’ oranges


1. Dissolve the sugar with the vodka in a bowl (no need to heat.)

2. Transfer to each jar.

3. Suspend the orange over the jar in the netting.

4. Seal the jars and label to open in 8 weeks.

5. No peeping or tasting!! 

6. The “Cointreau” becomes a light orange colour and the taste of the orange magically  diffuses into the vodka.

As easy as that! Cheers!!

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