Orange and Cardamom Ice-cream

This delicately flavoured ice-cream is fabulous as a “stand alone dessert” or accompanied by any of my chocolate and orange cakes.

Citrus Vinaigrette

My “go toA simple and wonderful citrus vinaigrette for any orange based salad.

Jolly Jelly Boats

These eye-catching jelly boats were always a favourite of my children at all their kiddie birthday parties. Delicious, fun, and healthy too!

Crêpes Suzette

An olde time classic rich with the golden tangy flavour of orange

Oranges for table settings

I just love to decorate my dinner table carefully and elaborately to make our guests feel welcome and special. Here are just a few ways of using oranges to decorate a table and celebrate this wonderful fruit, swollen with sunshine. Here I’ve used hollowed out oranges as tea lights studded with cloves which, when lit, fill…

Marvellous Marmalade Roast Lamb

A quick and easy lamb roast infused with orange rind and served a tangy marmalade gravy, crispy roast potatoes and butternut.